Shortened rules of Master Therm competition:

Do you want to make the results of your work visible? Please, open this Online Form . . . and send us a photo of the best project with a description that will excite everyone …

This competition is intended for all registered partners of companies who at the time of the competition have registered and valid access with the appropriate password to our “Partner section”.

The competition runs from 1.6.2020 to 1.2.2021

1 contest photo in .jpeg, jpg must be sent for each category (landscape orientation, recommended resolution min. width 1600 x height 900 pixels, image size max. 3MB). Furthermore, if possible, complete (even partially) and submit the contest form.

One competitor (company, partner) can participate in a maximum of 2 categories (Residential/Commercial/Industrial – detailed below…) within this competition.

The contestant submits only one contest photo for each category. It can attach additional supporting documentation (1 document), which will also be included in the evaluation: jpeg, jpg, pdf, odt (max. 1MB).

Contest Form / Online Form

Please, complete this “online form” for quick and easy registration with submitting your photo project:


1st place :

pGDx simulator – star series

Innovative training and presentation options for your customers . . .

2nd place:

pGDx terminal black

New design and innovative product …

3rd place:

MasterTherm promotional materials

. . . in a nominal value of 1000 euros.

The sponsor may change the prizes during the competition.

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash. In addition, each contestant receives a Master Therm promotional material without specifying size and type.

Master Therm photo must be based on the type series:

BoxAir / BoxAir Inverter / BoxAir Inverter Split / Combi


AquaMaster / AquaMaster Inverter / AquaMaster Inverter Combi

Valid competition documents (texts, photographs, pictures) must be taken from projects and installations of Master Therm equipment and our partner (company) registered in the “Partner Section” that were installed (approved by the authorities) and/or put into operation. This must be done between 2019 and 2021.

Full rules of the competition can be found on this page.


1. Residential (house, bungalow, houseboat etc.)

2. Commercial (block of flats, apartment buildings and offices  etc.)

3. Industrial (factory, production plant, warehouse, ships etc.)

The winners will be announced by March 1, 2021 at or at the latest. Winners will be contacted via a valid registered email address in the “Partner Section”.

Full rules / Conditions of competition:

Download: 4733_Pravidla soutěže 20200320

Send the documentation (Printable Contest Form) to: or

Note: Send only if you cannot use “Online Competition Form”.


By placing contest photos on the MasterTherm website or submitting them to the contest, the contestant declares that they are a legitimate copyright holder under the Copyright Act.
By submitting the competition photos and background information or project information to the competition, the competitor grants the organizer permission to publish such information or photos free of charge on the website / website of Master Therm heat pumps s.r.o. company, on social networks and on profiles of Master Therm heat pumps s.r.o. company (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and agree to the terms of the contest.

By submitting contest photos to the contest, the contestant acknowledges and agrees that he is solely responsible for his contest documents and photographs and the consequences of sending or publishing them.

Complete conditions of the competition can be found on this page.

Note: The examples are indicative only.

   Interní hlášení Vyhodnocení Bodový zisk

   Interní hlášení Vyhodnocení Bodový zisk