Verified on/off split solution since 2004 with continuous technical upgrades. Used compressors with higher efficiency at lower outdoor temperatures. Models with higher heating capacity connected in cascase are suitable for larger industrial and commercial applications.


  • Use for heating and cooling
  • The temperature of heating water to 60°C
  • Room temperature control
  • Temperatures range from +30°C to -20°C
  • Split design
  • Quiet operation
  • Spiral compressor Copeland ZH
  • Control up to 6 heating circuits

Standard equipment

  • Integrated graphic terminal PGD
  • Electronically controlled coolant injection
  • Equitherm control system MaR Carel
  • Built-in immersion heater
  • Low-noice EC fans with speed control
  • Built-in circulation pump
  • Control of three heating circuits (1x hot water +2x heating water)


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Download EU Regulations   
No. 811/2013 and No. 813/2013 – parameters:



  • Internet HP control
  • Full Cooling reversing
  • Terminal pAD temperature compensation
  • Terminal pADh floor cooling
  • Desuperheater
  • Three phase relay
  • Softstart
  • Expanded control module
  • External unit RAL code colours on demand
  • External unit (silver, red or green colour)
  • Internal unit (silver or red colour)
  • External unit 4legs vertical or console


  • AirMaster_3015Z
  • AirMaster_3021Z
  • AirMaster_3030Z
  • AirMaster_3038Z
  • AirMaster_3045Z
  • AirMaster_3060.2Z
  • AirMaster_3076.2Z
  • AirMaster_3090.2Z