Our technology

We are the future of economical & ecological heating. We produce top-notch heat pumps with:

  • hi-tech frequency controlled compressors
  • ultra-quiet fans with smooth speed control
  • wide range of optional equipment
  • highest reliability proven by 30 years of experience
  • full serviceability of all components
  • expert service team directly from the manufacturer
  • intelligent in-built online control & app
  • connection to photovoltaics and future electricity spot prices
Our technology

Master Therm Online: remote control and service monitoring

Connecting the Master Therm heat pump to the internet allows it to be controlled from anywhere via the web browser on or via an app on a mobile phone or tablet. You are thus in full control of your home’s heat, which is within easy reach. Continuous service supervision and remote diagnostics included.

The control system also can cooperate with photovoltaic inverter and can predict future electricity spot prices. It makes the heat pump's operation as economical as possible.

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Our technology

Touchscreen display

The pGDx terminal with a 4.3-inch touchscreen and its own processor is the main control panel ofthe heat pump. With its help, the desired indoor temperature and all other pump functions can be easily set. It integrates the function of a room instrument to control the temperature of the heated / cooled space. It is possible to connect control panels or temperature sensors of adjacent heating circuits to the terminal and control everything from one place.

It supports communication within Smart Grids for efficient management of electricity production and consumption. Connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, automatic online updates.

Our technology

Heating in winter, 

cooling in summer

All Master Therm heat pumps can fully cool the building. By purchasing a pump, you are, therefore, also purchasing the perfect cooling solution for summer. Thanks to its design, it has approximately half the running costs of a conventional air conditioner. Additionally, even while in cooling mode, it can simultaneously heat hot water for domestic use.

For ground-to-water pumps, we offer a passive cooling module that transfers heat from the interior to the ground collector without the need for a compressor. This ensures extremely ef?ficient summer cooling and contributes to the regeneration of the collector after the heating season.

Our technology

Quiet compressors and fans

All Master Therm heat pumps use quiet-scroll or double-rotary compressors, located in the unit in a special anti-vibration frame. Of course, the pump casing itself is carefully soundproofed.

For air-to-water heat pumps, we use the most modern low-speed fans with very low sound pressure levels, which ensure minimum noise levels in outdoor units

Our technology

Electronically controlled expansion valve (EEV)

Master Therm is one of the leaders in the use of electronic refrigerant injection technology. The EEV allows for precise control of the superheat temperature of the refrigerant vapour in the evaporator. This allows the evaporator area to be used with maximum effect for the evaporation of the refrigerant, resulting in higher plant efficiency. The EEV thus increases the heating factor, operational reliability and lifetime.

The EEV also protects the compressor against liquid injection at high loads. On the other hand, in the low-load mode (e.g., with a heating duct outlet temperature of less than 30°C), the electronic valve can be fully opened and a high-heating factor can be achieved, which is not possible with a thermostatic valve (TEV).

Our technology

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