Air-to-water heat pumps

The BoxAir Inverter is the best-selling range of high-end air-to-water heat pumps with outstanding operational efficiency. The BoxAir Inverter provides heat and SHW (sanitary hot water) for a small passive new building as well as an intergenerational family home with a heat loss of up to 18 kW. BoxAir 60 / 90 Inverter P offers heating solution for commercial or industrial buildings with heat loss even up to 40 kW.

When connected to a cascade also suitable for extensice apartment buildings, municipality buildings (schools, hospitals etc.) and any other large commercial or industrial building of heat loss of more than 500 kW.


  • Compact monobloc air source heat pumps with built-in control, circulation pumps, etc.
  • Power from 2 to 50 kW
  • Energy efficiency A+++
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Frequency controlled compressor (also with R290 refrigerant)
  • Integrated control system for up to 6 heating circuits
  • Online control and monitoring
  • Active cooling mode for great thermal comfort even during summer months
  • Warranty and post-warranty service directly from the manufacturer
Made in the Czech Republic (EU) Made in the Czech Republic (EU)
Tradition since 1994 Tradition since 1994
Exported into 30 countries worldwide Exported into 30 countries worldwide
Warranty with unlimited coverage Warranty with unlimited coverage
Online control & monitoring 24/7 Online control & monitoring 24/7
  • BoxAir Inverter P

    BoxAir Inverter P NEW GEN R290

    All in one, all outside. View detail
  • BoxAir 60/90 Inverter P

    BoxAir 60/90 Inverter P NEW GEN R290

    For commercial & industry View detail
  • BoxAir Inverter

    BoxAir Inverter

    All in one, all outside. View detail
  • BoxAir Inverter Split

    BoxAir Inverter Split

    Evaporator outside, compressor and electronics inside View detail
  • BoxAir Inverter Split Combi

    BoxAir Inverter Split Combi

    Split with integrated SHW tank View detail
  • BoxAir 60 Inverter Split

    BoxAir 60 Inverter Split

    Split solution for commercial & industry View detail

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