Heat pumps forindustrial cooling & heat recovery

Cooling technology and waste heat recovery with applications in engineering, In paper, food, metal processing, plastics, energy, heat and power generation or cogeneration industries. Cooling of large data centres and server rooms.


  • Unique high temperature compressor
  • Return of investment counted in years
  • Precise control of heat/cooling production
  • Extremely high cooling efficiency
  • Minimisation of refrigerant quantity
  • High operational reliability
  • Low service costs
  • Remote monitoring of operation
  • High heating water outlet temperature (up to 82 °C)
Made in the Czech Republic (EU) Made in the Czech Republic (EU)
Tradition since 1994 Tradition since 1994
Exported into 30 countries worldwide Exported into 30 countries worldwide
Warranty with unlimited coverage Warranty with unlimited coverage
Online control & monitoring 24/7 Online control & monitoring 24/7
  • AQ ZHX

    AQ ZHX

    Unique high-temperature heat recovery solution View detail
  • AquaMaster Z

    AquaMaster Z

    Powerful ON/OFF model View detail

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