AQ ZHX heat pump

Unique high-temperature (82 °C) heat pumps. Made for industrial cooling and heat recovery.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency
R134a refrigerant R134a refrigerant
Outlet water temperature up to 82 °C Outlet water temperature up to 82 °C
Ready for cascades from of more than 1000 kW Ready for cascades from of more than 1000 kW
Online control & 24/7 remote monitoring Online control & 24/7 remote monitoring
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Main features

Unrivaled return of investments proven in practice Integrated MasterLAN software – up to 16 units can be set up and connected to control power cascades of hundreds of kW

Absolute reliability thanks to our 20+ years of commercial & industrial experience Extremely high cooling efficiency

24/7 remote service monitoring and diagnostics Extensive intelligent optional equipment: internet connection (monitoring and logging), modbus/BMS, integrated MID electric/heat meter, communication with PV Inverter and Batteries, smart grid etc.

Max outlet water temperature 82 °C Max inlet water temperature 45 °C

Technical details

ModelPerformance at B0W35Performance at W10W35Performance at W40W65Maximum heating water temperature

Regulation PLUS (pCO5): Designed for multiple-circuit heating systems. 2 independent auxilliary heating circuits including mixing. 2-zone space temperature, up to 6 heating circuits.

Master Therm software

Master Therm software

Unique Master Therm software for heat pump control

Unique Master Therm software for heat pump control Equithermal MaR (measurement and regulation) Advanced temperature feedback control in the building based on internal room temperature sensors Control via touchscreen terminal or online application Includes remote service monitoring and diagnostics Control of up to 6 heating circuits including the possibility of connecting a swimming pool or solar panel

Download software AppStore GooglePlay MasterTherm software

Optional equipment selection

Master Therm Online app Advanced online control and romote service acces.
Desuperheater for high efficiency hot water heating Integrated device that uses a separate hydraulic circuit to remove the heat of superheated steam at the compressor outlet and increase the efficiency of hot water preparation (heating). When the compressor is in operation (heating and cooling mode), part of its thermal energy is permanently transferred to the hot water tank.
Extended control module Up to 6 heating circuits + SHW, for regulation PLUS (pCO5) only.
Integrated electricity meter 3x 65 A Integrated 3-phase electricity meter with identical functionality.

How it works

System Properties:

  • Precisely controlled production of cooling energy according to cooling requirements
  • Progressive technology in compact units
  • Production of cooling/heating units in the Czech Republic
  • Extremely high cooling efficiency
  • Continuous output power control
  • Minimizing amounts of refrigerants
  • Recovery of waste heat
  • High operational reliability
  • Low service costs
  • Remote system monitoring

Solutions for all your needs:

  • Highly efficient cooling of processes
  • Reuse of recovered heat
  • Significant running cost savings
  • Cooling, space heating, domestic hot water heating, industrial process heating
  • Possibility of financial support from Government programs

Range of use:

  • Manufacturing and processing technologies, engineering, metal processing
  • Energy sector, production of heat and electricity, combined heat and power
  • Paper making, chemical and biochemical, plastics production
  • Galvanizing, and other metal treatment
  • Food production and processing
  • Agriculture
  • Brewing, wine making, drink production
  • Data centres, large servers
  • Hotels, shopping centres
  • Other energy users

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