Cardiff, UK: Carbon-neutral family houses with ground source heat pumps

For 170 carbon-neutral houses built on the grounds of the former Eastern High School in Cardiff, heating is provided by 170 Master Therm AquaMaster AQ17I ground-to-water heat pumps. They are connected to 79 shared ground wells, each 180 meters deep.

The project, which received a £4.1m grant from the Welsh Government's Low Energy Housing Scheme, is taking the standards of energy efficient buildings to the next level. All 170 houses work with intelligent energy management, making their operation carbon neutral.

Property of Thermal Earth Ltd., UK distributor of Master Therm heat pumps.

Heat pump power 1–5 kW
Thermal loss of the building 4 kW
SCOP 4,58
Year 2022
Authorized partner Thermal Earth Ltd.
Heat pump model AquaMaster 17I

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