Whitehead, UK: Project Spotlight: Whiteheads Primary School

We’re excited to announce the successful installation of a full air source heat pump system at Whiteheads Primary School, UK! Thermal Earth UK team has delivered amazing results with Master Therm BoxAir air-to-water system, ensuring outstanding energy efficiency and performance.

Project Details

  • Location: Whiteheads Primary School, UK
  • System:
    • Master Therm BoxAir 60 Inverter (monobloc Air Source Heat Pump)
    • In addition, a second stage in the form of a water-to-water heat pump AQ ZHX to efficiently heat water to the required level, up to 82°C if needed
  • Outcome: Exceptional energy efficiency and performance
A huge thank you to dedicated Thermal Earth team for their hard work and expertise in making this project a success!
Join us in celebrating this achievement and our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Air Source BoxAir Heat Pumps Cascade

Total cascade power 280 kW
Heat pump model 8x BoxAir 60 Inverter Split + 1x AQ ZHX
Year 2024
Authorized partner Thermal Earth UK

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