How it works

What is the purpose of a heat pump?

A heat pump provides heat for the home, both forheating and hot water. It fully replaces a traditional electric or gas boiler. It provides energy without any negative impact on the environment: the heat pump is a renewable energy source.

Where does its high efficiency come from?

Compared to an electric or gas boiler, a heat pump is significantly more efficient because it also provides heat for your home from the surrounding environment: air, ground or water. The electric power of the heat pump only accounts for about 20-30% of the heat energy collected.

This is what yields key energy savings compared to those of a conventional electric or gas boiler. The efficient use of freely available energy from the environment multiplies the heating efficiency by up to 5.5 times (SCOP = 5.5) compared to an electric boiler. And your heating bills can be up to 80% lower.

What is the seasonal SCOP heating factor?

The heating capacity of a heat pump is much higher than the electric power input of a compressor, i.e. theefficiency of the pump is many times higher than 100%. The ratio of the heating power and the compressor inputis called the COP.

The seasonal SCOP is the ratio of the total amount of heat produced to the total electricity consumption of the heat pump for the entire heating season. Depending on the kind and type of pump, it can reach values of 3.5 to 5.5.

How it works
  • Prompt returns thanks to subsidies Prompt returns thanks to subsidies In most countries heat pumps are registeredin the lists for the subsidy titles. Ask your local distributor about terms and conditions for subsidies. Master Therm heat pumps have a valid registration for subsidies.
  • The heat pump can also cool thanks to the reverse mode. The heat pump can also cool thanks to the reverse mode. During the summermonths, it can provide long-term cooling of the building and thus significantly increases comfort during summer.
How it works

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Heat pumps systems

How it works

Air to water heat pumps

How it works

Ground to water heat pumps

How they work

Air-to-water heat pumps are based on the principle of extracting heat from the ambient air, the temperature of which can be many degrees Celsius below zero. The heat extracted from the environment is transferred by the heat pump to the heating water that heats the building or is used in the preparation of hot water. The system achieves seasonal efficiencies of up to 4.5 times higher than those of a conventional electric boiler and thus delivers significant energy savings.

Ground-to-water heat pumps extract energy from the ground by means of a vertical or horizontal collector**. Antifreeze circulates through the collector and removes ground heat. Thanks to the constant temperature of the ground, the heat pump has a stable source of energy throughout the year. The heat extracted from the ground is then transferred to the building. The system achieves a seasonal efficiency up to 5.5 times higher thanthat of a conventional electric boiler.

Main adwantages

The major advantages of air-to-water pumps include relatively low investment costs, quick and easy installation and the easy availability of a primary energy source: air is everywhere around us.

The ground-to-water system offers stable heating performance throughout the year and generally higher efficiency than air-to-water systems. The ground collector with a predicted lifetime of up to 100 years is an enduring investment in your building(s) and/or land(s).

Heats in winter, cool in summer

They are suitable not only for heating and year-round heating of hot water or swimming pools but also for highly efficient cooling of the building in summer thanks to the option of reverse or passive cooling.

Heat pumps and subsides

Heat pumps are recognised as a renewable energy source. Ask your local distributor if it is possible to obtain subsidies for them.

Heat pumps

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