air-to-water NEW GEN R290

Box Air 60/90 Inverter P
heat pump

The most powerful air-to-water heat pumps in our range. Highly efficient R290 units with output up to 50 kW. Designed for commercial & industrial heating and cooling.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency
R290 refrigerant R290 refrigerant
Heating water temperature up to 75 °C Heating water temperature up to 75 °C
Ready for cascades from 100 to 1000 kW Ready for cascades from 100 to 1000 kW
Online control & 24/7 remote monitoring Online control & 24/7 remote monitoring
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Main features

Unrivaled price/performance ratio for commercial and industrial applications (office buildings, factories, warehouses, schools, hotels, sport facilities etc.) All-in-one unit – easy installation, no need of any indoor unit Integrated MasterLAN software – up to 16 units can be set up and connected to control power cascades of hundreds of kW

24/7 remote service monitoring and diagnostics Absolute reliability thanks to our 20+ years of commercial & industrial experience Extensive intelligent optional equipment: internet connection (monitoring and logging), modbus/BMS, integrated MID electric/heat meter, communication with PV Inverter and Batteries, smart grid etc. Active cooling mode (optional equipment)

Built-in heating side circulation pump Minimized noise due to ultra-quiet fans with smooth speed control

Max heating water temperature 75 °C Anti-legionella function from compressor only Outdoor temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C Back-up heater 15 + 15 kW as standard

Technical details

ModelDesignPerformance at A7W35Thermal loss of the building QzSeasonal energy efficiency of heating at a 35 °C low temperature operationSeasonal energy efficiency of heating at a 55 °C medium temperature operationMaximum heating water temperatureOrder number (according to heating circuit control)
+ pricing *
  kWkWSCOPClassSCOPClass°CRegulation PLUS (pCO5)
BoxAir 60 Inverter Pcompact7–30up to 254,89A+++3,73A++75BA60IP-311U
BoxAir 90 Inverter Pcompact12–50up to 404,68A+++3,55A++75BA90IP-311U

Regulation PLUS (pCO5): Designed for multiple-circuit heating systems. 2 independent auxilliary heating circuits including mixing. 2-zone space temperature, up to 6 heating circuits.

Master Therm software

Master Therm software

Unique Master Therm software for heat pump control

Unique Master Therm software for heat pump control Equithermal MaR (measurement and regulation) Advanced temperature feedback control in the building based on internal room temperature sensors Control via touchscreen terminal or online application Includes remote service monitoring and diagnostics Control of up to 6 heating circuits including the possibility of connecting a swimming pool or solar panel

Download software AppStore GooglePlay MasterTherm software

Optional equipment selection

7-year warranty on the complete pump Without any exceptions. Only in combination with Master Therm Online app.
Master Therm Online app Advanced online control and romote service acces.
Additional pGDx touch screens (1 as standard) Parametrization, temperature compensation, humidity sensor, ethernet or wifi internet connection. Mounting possible on/in the wall (plasterboard).
Reverse cooling module Reverse operation of the pump allowing for long term cooling of the building or industry technology.
Energy meter 3x 65 A Display, MID, 1 phase, max.unit circuit breaker 25 A
Extended control module Up to 6 heating circuits + SHW, for regulation PLUS (pCO5) only.
Expanded control module / with pGD display For industrial/commercial applications
Evaporator with corrosion resistant coating Perfect for applications built near sea etc.
Master Lan Power cascade control

How it works

Air-to-water heat pumps are based on the principle of extracting heat from the ambient air, whose temperature can be many degrees Celsius below zero. The heat extracted from the environment is transferred by the heat pump to the heating water that heats the building, or is used for the preparation of hot water. The system achieves a seasonal efficiency of up to 4.5 times higher than that of a conventional electric boiler and thus delivers significant energy savings. 

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