RNLI Waterloo Bridge

RNLI Lifeboat Station, Waterloo Bridge, London


A state-of-the-art, custom-made system located on the River Thames is revolutionising heating, cooling, and hot water provision for the RNLI Waterloo Bridge lifeboat station. The setup includes a MasterTherm AQ45i system situated on a barrage, along with a stainless steel borehole pump enclosed in a copper custom boot shroud. The open-source system extracts energy directly from the Thames, ensuring sustainable and efficient operation. To optimize comfort, the station has integrated underfloor heating and active cooling features via fab coils. Furthermore, full internet monitoring and controls enable seamless remote management, making this innovative installation a remarkable example of energy efficiency and advanced technology in action.

Key Facts

  • Custom made; state of the art system set on the River Thames
  • 1 x MasterTherm AQ45i system housed on a barrage.
  • Custom stainless steel borehole pump housed inside a shroud with copper boot
  • Providing Heating, Cooling and Hot Water for the station
  • Open-Source System extracting energy directly from the Thames
  • Integrated Under Floor Heating System
  • Active Cooling via fab coils
  • Full internet monitoring and controls

Project Overiew

The RNLI at Waterloo Bridge in London sought an innovative heat pump system for their new lifeboat station on the River Thames, aiming to harness the surrounding water's energy. With expertise from Thermal Earth's design and planning team, a custom-made Water Source Heat Pump system was conceptualised and installed to provide heating, hot water, and cooling for the station.

The heart of the system is the MasterTherm AQ45i 3ph Ground Source Heat Pump, housed on a custom-made skid. Assembled off-site and then lifted into position, this heat pump offers both full cooling capability and 100% heating and hot water provision for the RNLI Lifeboat station.

Operating through a titanium heat exchanger, the open-source system extracts brackish water directly from the Thames using a submersible pump within a custom-manufactured stainless-steel shroud, complete with a copper boot. The compressor's operation generates hot water and adapts to provide heating or cooling, depending on the weather conditions.

This unique system features an intelligent design that automatically switches between Summer and Winter modes based on outdoor temperatures, ensuring optimal performance year-round. The integrated underfloor heating system and active cooling module further guarantee precise temperature control for maximum comfort.

The system also boasts a fully automatic reversible function, allowing it to seamlessly switch between cooling and heating modes by swapping the evaporator and condenser within the unit, enhancing its versatility and efficiency.

For seamless monitoring and management, the heat pump is equipped with full internet monitoring capabilities accessible through an online dashboard. This allows operators to track its operation and promptly address any potential issues, ensuring the system's continuous and reliable performance.

In summary, the state-of-the-art Water Source Heat Pump system developed by Thermal Earth stands as an exceptional example of cutting-edge technology and sustainability in action. By harnessing the River Thames' energy and integrating intelligent features, it ensures the RNLI Lifeboat station is equipped with a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution tailored to its unique requirements.

Property of Thermal Earth Ltd., UK distributor of Master Therm heat pumps.

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