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Unique and prestigious technical construction

EEV, inverter, desuperheater, subcooler, passive and full cooling, online control – iOS, Android, EC circulation pumps and fans, …

Chance to apply on every contract

Master Therm heat pumps are an efficient and variable solution for applications in residential, commercial and industry segment up to cca 2000 kW.

Intelligent and advanced control system in every heat pump

Independent control of 6 heating (cooling) loops with possibility of compensation of equitherm settings based on real room temperature, + pool, solars, SHW (with function “antilegionela”), control up to 16 units in cascade connection, receiving alarm messages by email or SMS. (Comparable systems of control cost more then 10 000 EUR on Europe market).

Technical support, experience

We offer our partners maximum technical support and more then 20 years of experience.


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