Clones primary care centre heat pump install

The main goal of this project was to design and deliver an efficient and sustainable heating system for the primary care centre, utilising air source heat pump technology. The scope of our involvement included system design and overseeing the delivery process.


  1. Initial Assessment: We conducted an initial assessment of the primary care centre’s heating requirements, considering factors such as building size, insulation levels, and occupancy patterns.
  2. Design: Based on the assessment, we developed a comprehensive system design that incorporated an air source heat pump system to meet the space heating and domestic hot water demands of the care centre.
  3. Equipment Selection: We carefully selected high-quality air source heat pump units and control system suitable for the specific requirements of the primary care centre.
  4. Installation Management: Throughout the delivery process, we ensured that all installation activities were carried out according to industry standards and regulations.
  5. Testing and Commissioning: After installation completion, we conducted thorough testing and commissioning procedures to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of the heat pump system.


Our efforts resulted in the successful implementation of an air source heat pump solution for the primary care centre in Clones, Co.Monaghan. The installed system now provides efficient space heating and domestic hot water supply for all occupants within the care facility.

Heat Pump Plant details

  • 2 × BA60iS inverter driven air source units with built in circulation pump and high temperature desuperheaters for  energy efficient domestic hot water heating
  • 1 × 500 litre buffer tank for optimised defrost cycles with internal baffles for optimal flow and return LPHW separation
  • 1 × 500 litre fast recovery heat pump cylinder

Advanced heat pump cascade control system with built in self learning software and online monitoring and diagnostics.

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