Dr.Crokes GAA Club – Killarney

The entire building technical easement was completed to design a sustainable energy solution for the GAA club building. Room by room heat loss calculation was completed, and new radiators sized to work with lower temperature heating water on weather compensation basis. System was zoned and existing solar thermal system fully integrated in to heat pump plant room.

Newly installed Photovoltaic solar panel partly covering electrical requirement of the heat pump plant.

Entire system has been monitored and optimised online.  Energy monitoring allows accurate track record of the energy use. The entire building is now heated on comfortable temperatures which allows other activities such us PC and other courses.

  • 930 m2 mixed use building
  • Space Heating for all areas
  • 1000 litres DHW calorifier enables 2600 litres of DHW per hour for all changing rooms showers and basins

System specs:

  • 2 × 22 kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • high temperature LPHW via Desuperheater
  • MasterLan control system for even equipment operation
  • Online monitoring and optimisation

Property of Thermal Earth Ltd., UK distributor of Master Therm heat pumps

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