Duplo International, Surrey

DUPLO INTERNATIONAL manufacture and distribute print finishers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In early 2011, they expanded their operations, acquiring a new manufacturing and distribution centre in Addlestone, Surrey.

Prior to relocating offices, Duplo International undertook extensive renovations to the property, which included the fitting of a new underfloor heating system. Keen to take advantage of the lucrative financial subsidies offered by the UK Government through the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, they sought alternative heating options. While ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers were available at a discounted price due to space restrictions, air source heating seemed the only viable option for this property.

Thermal Earth supplied 12 MasterTherm BoxAir 18 kW fixed output heat pumps, providing a total of 216 kW of renewable heating. The air source heat pumps coupled with the existing solar PV array will see the company's fuel bill drastically reduced.

Property of Thermal Earth Ltd., UK distributor of Master Therm heat pumps.

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