Kralupy, CZ: 2-apartment house, retrofit

Split air-to-water heat pump Master Therm BoxAir Inverter Split 45I with an output of 8-22 kW.

A unique split solution from Master Therm, where the compressor is in the indoor unit and the cooling circuit therefore runs between the outdoor and indoor units. The pump heats a 100-liter storage tank, from which heat is distributed in two circuits to the floor heating in both apartment units. In addition, the preparation of 2x 250 liters of warm water. It goes without saying that the building can be cooled in the summer.

Heat pump power 8–22 kW
Thermal loss of the building 15 kW
SCOP 4,46
Year of installation 2023
Authorized partner ROAL Stav, s. r. o.
Heat pump model BoxAir Inverter Split 45I

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