Krušné hory, CZ: Apartment building with a cafe

Air-to-water heat pump Master Therm BoxAir Inverter 45I with a power of 7-22 kW.

It heats a house with 2 apartments and a pastry shop on the ground floor. The system has 3 heating circuits. There is underfloor heating in all rooms. In addition, the preparation of hot water in 2 boilers with a volume of 2x 500 l. Everything is, of course, connected to the Internet non-stop. Both for online control via the web or the Master Therm Touch application, but also for our unique 24/7 service diagnostics.

Heat pump power 7–22 kW
Thermal loss of the building 16 kW
SCOP 4,46
Year of installation 2023
Authorized partner Instamont Inpra, s. r. o.
Heat pump model BoxAir 45I

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