Master Therm: The Smartest Heat Pumps on the Market

Thermal Earth UK 11.6. 2024
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Czech heat pumps Master Therm are well-known locally, but few realize these pumps are ready for an innovative operation mode, dynamically adjusting settings for maximum efficiency and savings. This new smart technology, allowing automatic control based on spot energy prices, is currently available to users in the UK, with the Czech Republic to follow with Smart grid implementation.

Master Therm: The Smartest Heat Pumps on the Market

Most UK households pay a fixed electricity price, about 15.5 pence per kWh, regardless of usage time. This model doesn't reflect dynamic wholesale electricity price changes, which vary throughout the day based on overall consumption and renewable energy production.

Octopus Energy responded with the Agile Octopus tariff, based entirely on renewable energy. This tariff’s price dynamically adjusts to the current electricity production, allowing customers to use energy when it’s cheapest – sometimes even dropping to negative prices. But how can this be leveraged?

Unique Master Therm’s app for controling and optimizing heat pump's operation

Master Therm offers an innovative solution to control and optimize heat pumps based on electricity prices. Unlike standard systems operating on a simple ON/OFF principle, Master Therm heat pumps dynamically adjust settings for maximum efficiency and savings.

For instance, to maintain 21°C in your home from 7-8 AM and 6-10 PM, the system optimizes the heat pump to heat during the cheapest electricity times. If the pump operates before 7 AM at prices between 5-7 pence/kWh – half the fixed tariff rate – it can heat the house to about 21.5°C by 4 PM. Subsequently, shutting off the pump allows the temperature to naturally fall to 21°C.

Master Therm: The Smartest Pump on the Market

Master Therm heat pumps reach peak potential. By connecting to variable electricity tariffs like Agile Octopus and using native Master Therm's app for setting preferred temperatures and heating schedules, users get a self-learning system that optimizes energy use.

Thus, Master Therm can be considered one of the smartest heating and cooling systems globally.

Nick Salini, active user of Master Therm heat pump + PV + Smart grid integration

Thanks Master Therm‘s integration with the Octopus Agile API and the heat pump controllers ability to optimise its operation, I have benefitted from running cost savings of about 50% on average from a traditional flat rate electricity tariff. The Agile tariff is directly linked to the wholesale cost of electric and promotes end user use by varying the cost.

Master Therm’s sophisticated controls allows me to maximise the benefit of this by adjusting the setpoint higher when its cheap and holding off the heat pumps operation when it is expensive.

Additionally, Agile only uses low carbon sources so by running my heat pump on a green tariff has multiple of other benefits to minimise my carbon footprint and is fantastic for homeowners who are looking to low their impact on the environment.

Key Benefits Summarized:

  • Lower operating costs: Expected savings up to 35%.
  • Electricity from Agile Octopus is sourced from renewables, like wind and solar farms, ensuring environmental friendliness.
  • Ease of use: The smart system is easily configured via a phone app.

Agile Octopus and Master Therm heat pumps represent a breakthrough in efficient and economical electricity use. This system not only reduces energy costs but also supports green energy, making it an excellent choice for those seeking sustainable and economical home operation.

Master Therm is actively working to offer smart grid capabilities to its European as well as Czech customers as soon as the tariff becomes commonly available.


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