Unique system of heat recovery from aprox.

2Pflop supercomputer “salomon” in national supercomputing center in it4 inovations building in ostrava. Cooling is done by water loop on 30–50°C. Water loop cooling system on this temperatures by itself can save tens of percent of cooling operating costs, allso thanks to possibility of freecooling. Recovered energy is transfered to 5 heat pumps Master Therm AQ 180.2X with total heating capacity of 450 kW (W40W60). On secondary side is possible to reach up to 60°C with wery high efficiency. Energy is used to building heating and sanitary hot water preparation.

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5x AquaMaster 180.2M

Total heating output:
450,5Kw (W40W60)

Total power consumption:
90,5kW (W40W60)

5,0 (W40W60)

Annual energy savings:
2 200 GJ

Annual financial savings:
38 500 EUR/Jahr

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