Quick Start Guide

Short manual. The basic orientation in displaying and adjusting the heat pump parameters…

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Online remote monitoring of the heat pump…

Download Newsletter: Wireless Heat Pump Control

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Online remote monitoring of the heat pump…

Do you want to know more?

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New product line 2020

New design and more…

  • new design grid
  • same color matching corners and frame
  • new base mounting and modified pipe outlets


New pGDx terminal

New Touch screen with online connection…

Coming soon…

Customization and tunning

Silver (RAL7035), red (RAL3020), green (RAL6013) colour – standard production

Optional: External unit colour on demand – RAL code

Extension  box with 6 (2+4) heat circuits

6 relay outputs…

Optional: Terminal by type or with Status indication of HC1-6 outputs…

Note: The examples and pictures are indicative only.