Soughton House

Soughton House is a beautiful period country manor set in 4 acres of land on the Cheshire/North Wales border. The property was purchased by a new owner who wanted to replace the existing oil and LPG heating system with a more efficient, carbon-free solution. 

This sprawling property has over 7,800 sq ft including multple living spaces, six bedrooms, a gym, sauna and swimming pool.  

We designed a heating and hot water system for Soughton House which includied two MasterTherm AquaMaster AQ60i ground source heat pumps. The heat pumps have been set up in a master/slave configuration and each unit has an output of 35kW. The system has vertical ground collectors in boreholes which were drilled in the land surrounding the property.

You can view more pictures of our Soughton House project below. If you have a similar project to Soughton House and you'd like some advice or information, we're always happy to help, get in touch with us today.

Property of Thermal Earth Ltd., UK distributor of Master Therm heat pumps.

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