Ostrava, CZ: Cooling of supercomputer centrum IT4Innovations

Unique system of heat recovery from aprox.

2Pflop supercomputer “salomon” in national supercomputing center in it4 inovations building in ostrava. Cooling is done by water loop on 30–50°C. Water loop cooling system on this temperatures by itself can save tens of percent of cooling operating costs, allso thanks to possibility of freecooling. Recovered energy is transfered to 5 heat pumps Master Therm AQ 180.2X with total heating capacity of 450 kW (W40W60). On secondary side is possible to reach up to 60°C with wery high efficiency. Energy is used to building heating and sanitary hot water preparation.

5× AquaMaster 180.2M

Total heating output: 450,5Kw (W40W60)
Total power consumption: 90,5kW (W40W60)
COP: 5,0 (W40W60)
Annual energy savings: 2 200 GJ
Annual financial savings: 38 500 EUR/Jahr

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