Inverter technology with original split solutions – outdoor unit consists only of the evaporator and the fan. All other components are contained in the internal unit – positive influence on heat pump life time.


  • Use for heating and cooling
  • The temperature of heating water to 60°C
  • Ecological refrigerant R410a
  • Temperatures range from +30°C to -20°C
  • Outdoor compact
  • Very easy installation, quiet operation
  • No buffer tank required
  • Control up to 6 heating circuits

Standard equipment

  • Graphic terminal PGD
  • Variable output Inverter Compressor
  • Low-noise EC fans with speed control
  • Equitherm control system MaR Carel
  • Built-in immersion heater and circulation pump
  • Electronically controlled coolant injection
  • Control of three heating circuits (1x hot water +2x heating water)


Basic data_BAIS
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Old design:

Basic data_Indoor_...
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Download EU Regulations   
No. 811/2013 and No. 813/2013 – parameters:


SCOP sheet - BAxxIS
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  • Internet HP control
  • Full Cooling reversing
  • Terminal pAD temperature compensation
  • Terminal pADh floor cooling
  • Desuperheater
  • Expanded control module
  • External unil RAL code colours on demand
  • External unit (silver, red or green colour)
  • Internal unit (silver or red colour)
  • External unit 4legs vertical or console


  • BoxAir 22IS
  • BoxAir 26IS
  • BoxAir 37IS
  • BoxAir 45IS