Inverter technology with original split solution which saves required space for installation. Indoor unit is equipped with DHW boiler with solar collector exchanger. Construction with positive influence on heat pump life time.


  • Use for heating and cooling
  • The temperature of heating water to 60°C
  • Ecological refrigerant R410a
  • Temperatures range from +30°C to -20°C
  • Split construction
  • Very easy installation, quiet operation
  • No buffer tank required
  • Control up to 6 heating circuits

Standard equipment

  • Graphic terminal PGD
  • Stainlessstell tray with a capacity of 170 l
  • Low-noise EC fans with speed control
  • Equitherm control system MaR Carel
  • Built-in immersion heater and circulation pump
  • Electronically controlled coolant injection
  • Control of three heating circuits (1x hot water +2x heating water)


Basic data_BAISC
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Old design:

Basic data_Indoor_...
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Download EU Regulations   
No. 811/2013 and No. 813/2013 – parameters:


SCOP sheet - BAxxISC
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  • Internet HP control
  • Full Cooling reversing
  • Terminal pAD temperature compensation
  • Terminal pADh floor cooling
  • Expanded control module
  • External unil RAL code colours on demand
  • External unit (silver, red or green colour)
  • Internal unit (silver or red colour)
  • External unit 4legs vertical or console


  • BoxAir 22ISC
  • BoxAir 26ISC
  • BoxAir 37ISC